Unlock your learning potential with pimReader

Our platform harnesses the science of spaced repetition for optimized retention. Use it to commit new foreign words to memory or to cement important facts and information gleaned from your reading.
With pimReader, learning becomes a seamless part of your reading experience.

Why choose pimReader for your learning journey?

Our features cater to the unique demands of language acquisition and fact-based disciplines, making learning more engaging and effective:

  • SLeverage the scientifically-proven method of spaced repetition for long-term retention.
  • Keep tabs on familiar and new words while reading books or watching videos.
  • Access our built-in dictionary for popular languages at your convenience.
  • Seamlessly blend your bookmarks with our learning engine.
  • Hone your speech skills with our voice recognition engine.
  • Develop auditory comprehension using our audio book player or video player.

Master languages with pimReader.

  Picture of Dictionary.Memorize word. Enhance your language proficiency with the integrated spaced repetition technique, a proven method for long-term retention. This technique employs the principle of gradual interval learning, and it's seamlessly built into pimReader. Add words to your learning queue with a simple click, and let pimReader take care of the repetition schedule. Timely notifications ensure you never miss a learning opportunity.

  While reading, pimReader can track unknown words. Using frequency analysis, identify the words most beneficial for your memory training.

  Perfect your pronunciation with our advanced speech recognition engine. Plus, use our audio book player and book reader to enhance your listening comprehension. With pimReader, language learning becomes a joy.

Transform learning with pimReader.

  Picture of Bookmark. Whether you're grappling with a new subject or consolidating your expertise, our integrated spaced repetition technique makes memorization an enjoyable process. Simply select a topic, create a bookmark in the reader, and hit 'memorize'. pimReader takes over from there, setting up a repetition schedule and reminding you when it's time to review.

  With pimReader on your mobile device, seize every opportunity to reinforce your memory. Enjoy seamless data synchronization across devices to ensure consistent learning progress.

  pimReader empowers you to collate, categorize, and retrieve useful facts in a snap. You can highlight, annotate, and tag information within your readings. Quick and easy search means you're never far from the information you need. You can even import articles from the web for offline access.

  Embrace a smarter, more rewarding learning experience with pimReader!