pimReader - read and learn

Why learn with pimReader?

pimReader's features makes it good for learning of languages and other disciplines that requires memorization of lot of facts:

  • Support of methodology of spaced repetition, which is good for long term memorization
  • Tracking of known/unknown words during reading of book or watching of videos
  • Builtin dictionary for popular languages
  • Bookmarks integration with learn engine
  • Training of speech using voice recognition engine
  • Training of speech understanding using audio book player or video player

Learn languages with pimReader

  Picture of Dictionary.Memorize word. Learning of languages is much easier with pimReader. Spaced repetition is learning technique that intended for long term remembering. Principle of this technique is repetition of material with increasing intervals. Spaced repetition engine is builtin into pimReader. From any place you can quickly add word to learning loop and pimReader will setup schedule of repetition of word. At right moments pimReader will notify you about necessity to repeat materials.

  During reading pimReader can track unknown words and using frequency of occurrence you can choose words that are most suitable for memorization.

  Using pimReader you can train your pronunciation with help of speech recognition engine. Using audio book player and book reader you can train your speech understanding.

Learning any disciplines with pimReader

  Picture of Bookmark. Technique of spaced repetition is suitable when you need to remember large number of items and retain them indefinitely in memory. With pimReader this process becomes so easy that you will love learning. You just need to select some topic, create bookmark in reader and press memorize. pimReader will setup schedule of repetition of material and will notify you to repeat materials when it's necessary to do.

  Having pimReader on your mobile device you will never miss opportunity to recall everything you need for better memorization. If you have tablet ans phone you have setup mutual synchronization of data between devices.

  Using pimReader you can collect, classify and find useful facts which will be always with you. pimReader allow to color, comment and tag information which you have read. Finding of such information becomes quick and easy. Even articles from web can be easily pulled into pimReader so they will be available offline as any book you read.

  Happy learning with pimReader!