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Why choose pimReader for your reading and learning needs?

Our platform is packed with features that make it an invaluable tool for readers, students, and language learners:

  • Compatibility with popular eBook formats: epub, pdf, txt, and html files.
  • Tracking of foreign language words and automatic translation of unfamiliar ones.
  • Built-in dictionaries for popular languages.
  • Integration of an eBook reader and audiobook player for auditory comprehension training.
  • Text-to-speech engine for audibly narrating your books.
  • A spaced repetition engine for efficient language learning and information retention.
  • Features for bookmarking and tagging information for easy retrieval.
  • Simple download and offline storage of web articles.
  • Customizable color schemes and font types.
With pimReader, immerse in a personalized and enriching reading experience.

Enjoy seamless foreign book reading with pimReader.

  Picture of Reader. Our app is perfectly synced with an integrated dictionary, tracking unfamiliar words and offering on-the-spot translations. If you're a language learner reading foreign books, this saves you significant time and makes the experience more enjoyable. Simply initialize and update your vocabulary level during reading. By using a word frequency database, pimReader estimates your vocabulary, speeding up your reading process as you no longer need to search for translations.

  Add new words directly from your book to our learning engine, and pimReader will assist in long-term word retention.

  Customize the dictionary's placement and size to fit your reading style and language proficiency. With pimReader, reading in a foreign language is a breeze.

Immerse in audiobooks with pimReader.

  Picture of Audio Player. Our platform features an audio player that synchronizes with the book reader, aiding in auditory comprehension training. Listening to audio while reading the text accelerates your learning journey, enabling you to refer to the text for better understanding of complex audio segments. The thoughtfully designed playback controller allows easy repetition of audio segments whenever needed.

pimReader's audio player offers two modes: you can simultaneously open an audiobook and its text, or if you only have the text, utilize our speech synthesis feature. While this may not perfectly replicate an audiobook, it provides considerable benefits in many scenarios.

Master learning with pimReader.

  Memorize anything.Memorize word. Whether it's new vocabulary in a foreign language or facts from a book, pimReader enhances your memory retention with its efficient spaced repetition technique.

In just a few taps, select a word or text fragment and hit 'Memorize'. pimReader will then set up a repetition schedule for long-term retention. At the optimal time, it'll remind you to revisit the material, ensuring maximum memorization.

With pimReader on your mobile device, never miss a chance to reinforce your memory. Benefit from seamless data synchronization between your tablet and phone for a unified learning experience.

Our word tracker assists you in prioritizing what to memorize, based on word frequency. We support dictionaries for popular languages including Deutsch, English, Español, Français, and Italiano. Dive into an optimized learning journey with pimReader.

Happy reading with pimReader!