pimReader is ultimate your knowledge organiser.

Seamlessly organize your books, articles, and notes all in one place.
Leverage our advanced search engine, tags, and bookmarks for swift access to the information you need.

How to organise your knowledge with pimReader?

  • Store your trove of books and articles in the pimReader library.
  • Retain a track of your reading journey with a detailed history.
  • Capture key insights with bookmarks and personalized notes.
  • Classify your collection with assigned tags.
  • Swiftly locate your books, articles, and notes using tags.
  • Unearth specific information within your collection with our full-text search engine.

Store your literary treasures in the pimReader library

  Picture of Dictionary. Our library - your digital bookshelf - is designed to house all your books and articles.

  Experience the joy of a well-organized collection, where swift access to your next read is guaranteed.

Tailor your organization with tag assignments.

  Picture of Bookmark. Picture of Bookmark. Effortlessly categorize your books and notes using our intuitive tagging system.

Assign tags to manage your collection effectively and retrieve specific items with ease.

Efficiently retrieve notes through source and tag identification.

  Picture of Dictionary. Our robust tagging system simplifies your search process, allowing you to pinpoint your notes by their source or assigned tags.

Experience the ease of instant access to your organized collection.

Unleash the power of precision search with pimReader.

  Picture of Dictionary. Our advanced search engine equips you with the ability to locate books, articles, and notes using specific keywords or tags.

Experience the efficiency of targeted search at your fingertips.