Watch movies with pimReader.

Experience the thrill of learning foreign languages through the dynamic video player of pimReader. Dive into the world of films while enhancing your language skills, making learning a truly enjoyable process.

Why choose pimReader for your cinematic journey?

Our video player is engineered to support those learning foreign languages, offering:

  • ompatibility with popular video formats: mp4, m4v, avi, and mkv.
  • Capability to display dual-language subtitles simultaneously.
  • Support for external subtitle files in srt, ssa, ass, stl, scc, and xml formats.
  • Built-in dictionaries for popular languages.
  • Effortless navigation using subtitles to guide through video dialogues.
  • Quick and simple replay functions for dialogues.
  • A playback controller tailored for the learning process.

Experience the joy of foreign films with pimReader.

  Picture of Video. Don't let language barriers deter your cinematic exploration. Our built-in video player can display two subtitle streams at once, enabling you to comfortably enjoy even the most challenging foreign films. You can have foreign and native language dialogues on screen simultaneously, and attach external subtitle files if needed. With our integrated dictionary providing instant translations of unfamiliar words, you're set for a smooth viewing experience.

Discover language learning reimagined with pimReader.

  Picture of Video Player. Our platform transforms foreign films into language-learning tools. The playback controller is thoughtfully designed for easy navigation and repetition of challenging dialogues. With our subtitle browser, review and replay conversations at your own pace before or after watching an episode, and jump to any point in the video effortlessly. You can even add words directly from the video player's dictionary to your learning schedule.

Enjoy a novel way of learning languages with pimReader. Happy watching!