pimReader - watch and learn

Why watch movies with pimReader?

pimReader has video player that will help to anyone who learns foreign languages:

  • pimReader supports popular video formats: mp4, m4v, avi and mkv
  • Ability to display subtitles for two languages simultaneously
  • Ability to open external subtitle files of following formats: srt, ssa, ass, stl, scc and xml
  • Builtin dictionaries for popular languages
  • Easy navigation using subtitles by video dialogs
  • Quick and easy way to replay dialogs
  • Playback controller designed for learning process

Watching of foreign movies

  Picture of Video. With pimReader you can watch foreign movies even if you don't know language well. Builtin video player can show up to two subtitle streams simultaneously. Having on screen dialogs in foreign and native languages you can watch even difficult for understanding videos with comfort. External subtitle files can be attached to the video if necessary. Builtin dictionary allows to show on the fly translations of unknown words.

Learning of languages with pimReader

  Picture of Video Player. With pimReader you can use foreign movies to learn languages. Playback controller is designed so that it's simple to jump back and repeat fragments difficult for understanding. Subtitle browser allows to review(replay) dialogs before or after watching of episode or quickly jump to any place video. Right from dictionary of video player you can add words to the learning schedule.

Happy watching with pimReader!